Experiential Marketing Sound Designer

Daffyd Gough is an experienced corporate Composer and Sound Designer specialising in creating immersive spaces through the use of psychoacoustics and specialist sound equipment. Previous designs range from creating a boat room that feels and sounds like you are moving, to a scored horror experience where the actors can score the music to their performance in real time. 

Previous Clients Include:

Capcom, Easyjet, Royal Caribbean, Kraft, Converse, Unilever, ZSL, Starbucks, Amazon and Barclays


Kingfisher Good Home Sound Designer and PSE



ZSL Superheroe Academy Sound Designer/PSE/Composer


Royal Caribbean- -Symphony Of the Seas Experience Sound Designer/PSE


Resident Evil 7 Live: Sound Designer/PSE/Co-Composer

Easy jet – Amsterdam experience Sound Designer/PSE

Trigger Mortis: Waterstones book release: Sound Designer/Production Engineer


Cornetto Cupidity: Dub Mixer, System Designer and Binaural Audio Consultant

Barclaycard Yes2Chess-Sound Designer


Central Saint Martins x minions Collective: Production engineer and programmer

The Hidden House Westfields Stratford. Sound Designer